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Krishti Benevolent Fund (KBF) - The Companion with Compassion

Krishti is never biased to be a buddy only for good times; Krishti’s dream is to be a beloved companion of life for its members and associates.

Krishti’s heart bled when two of its members became the victim of the barbarian serial train bomb blast on 7th of July 2007 . It made two happy families plunge from the lap of peace and security to the daring jaws of cruel reality and uncertainty. It was a great realization that no amount of sympathy and or empathy can mend the trauma of two humble housewives and two innocent kids.

In an endeavour to lend support the future of the bereaved families, Krishti rose up to the occasion and decided to make a long term commitment. Since the disaster Krishti has been bearing the school expenses of the two kids and is committed to continue till the entire curriculum

In the last 2 years, Krishti has added 3 more kids from 2 families under the umbrella who also lost their father in unfortunate situations. Today Krishti takes care of the education of 5 children of Lokhandwala Township.

Krishti sincerely wishes the families a great future ahead.

While touching the lives of the needy, Krishti is itself touched by the generosity of all its members, associates and well wishers who have all through been contributing to the cause.

It is really heart warming to see the kids fairing successfully in their classes and steadily sailing along with the mainstream of life. It gives immense pleasure and pride to see our benevolence bearing the fruit.

KBF is a corpus entirely dependant voluntary donations from individual and organisations. With the grace of Almighty the Fund has till now been successfully adhering to its promise and is confident to continue. With increasing uncertainties unforeseen tragedies of life KBF might need more more hands to hold.

It appears apt to share that while Krishti would like to be a Companion with Compassion to the extent possible, but it also prays to God rolex replica adequate take care of all so that ideally KBF is not required by any. But, Man Proposes God Disposes

Krishti invites all with open arms to help make KBF stronger and richer to meet unforeseen eventualities

It will be a pleasure if you wish to be Krishti’s Friends Indeed by Being Friends in Need.

If you wish you can make instant donations and support us for a good cause to touch lives.

If you wish you can make instant donations and support us for a good cause to touch lives.